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Vleugels van Papier

Our name


Paper Wings was founded in February 2012 by Ilse Brosens.

Our love for books, language and paper literally gives us ‘wings’.

Wings are symbols of speed, agility, elegance and nimbleness. They enable us to fly to the myriad of possibilities this (digital) age has on offer.

Possessing wings also means being able to slow down and return to the ground. It is our deepest conviction that good texts are not created out of nothing. Texts need time; as wine improves over the years, thus texts improve when they are given the necessary ‘hatching’ time before properly appearing online or in print. Paper Wings wants to help you manage this ‘hatching’ time. Texts will really come into their own.

In 2015: beginning of a new episod: Ilse creates greeting cards with hedgehogs (egels in Dutch). On the Dutch home page you can see the collection ‘Egel’.